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Christine Crawford-Oppenheimer

Roger, thank you for your (as usual) useful comments about this
article. Another comment I thought of making earlier was his
suggestion that the surname London was given to people at immigration
to the US by officials who didn't understand the immigrants' actual
name. The myth of "name changes at Ellis Island" persists despite
serious genealogists' attempts to debunk it. The officials at Ellis
Island had translators who spoke a myriad of languages, *and* the
people's names came off the ship manifests that were prepared in the
country of origin. Changes soon after people arrived in America were a
result of people wanting a name that sounded more "American," not the
result of official people being obtuse.

The map with the article looked as if it might be interesting, by on
my computer, even using <CTRL>+ to enlarge it, I couldn't make it
large enough to read the legend, so I couldn't figure out what it was
about--possibly number or Jews or percentage of Jews in various areas?

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