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Randy Stehle

United States federal census undercounts have been taken seriously enough
over the years that several second enumerations have been done In 1870,
there were enough complaints about undercounting that the following
localities had a second census taken: Manhattan, Indianapolis, Philadelphia
and Liberty County, Georgia (This list may not be complete It was what I
found on a Google search) In 1880, St Louis had a second enumeration
In 1890, complaints about the fedreal census for parts of New York City were
voiced A special census was undertaken by the police for Manhattan and
parts of the Bronx It was determined that the original census had a 13%

In an article entitled "Perspectives on Historical US Census Undercounts"
by King & Magnuson, published in the journal "Social Science History" (Vol
19, No 4, Winter 1995, pp 455-466), the authors state that the 1880
census had a 64% undercount I do not have access to this journal If
anyone can locate a copy, I would love to know the authors estimates for
other US censuses

Randy Stehle
San Mateo, California

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