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Bennie FARBER and Bessie (Pessie) WEINER >from Zhytomyr (Zhitomir) or
Kiev had 4 children: Minne FARBER born in 1879 (married Sam MOLDAWSKY
and we have tracked their descendants - they were my ggparents), Meniche
FARBER, Moshe FARBER and Sarah FARBER. Sarah was born in 1869 and
married Sam KAMINER (thanks to those genners who so helpfully responded
to my last inquiry, we are tracking their descendants) -I am clueless
about Moshe and Meniche - they were presumably born between 1869 and
1879. perhaps a few years earlier or later - there may have been other
children although I don't think so. I have looked through every Ellis
Island "Meniche" listing to see if any were joining relatives in NY or
going to live in NY near any of the relatives whose addresses we know, I
have looked through [fee based online datatbases] for people with that first
name, also looked at the JewishGen data base for Farber & Weiner to see if I can
find a record of their births, deaths, marriages, etc - I am coming up
with nothing - any suggestions?

Janette Silverman
Phoenix, AZ

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