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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Thomas Bloch >from Zurich writes to us:
<Still not successful in finding verified data on my g3grandparents told to be
Salomon and Jeanette BLOCH, "Schutzbuerger" >from Gailingen ......
My g2grandparents are definitely Jacob BLOCH (1782-1842) and his wife
Reel/Regine BLOCH-REDLICH (1786-1858), both buried in Gailingen. They had
between 1812 and 1832, 12 children named ..... anybody ..... who would have
reliable information on Salomon & Jeanette BLOCH or hints how to continue my

I have checked the message archives to find out what Tom has written about
before. There is nothing in his two previous postings in 2005 on the REDLICH
connection. It is this name which intrigues me.

REDLICH were a very prominent family in Moravia especially the industrial/
textile branch in Brunn/Brno. REDLICH >from Moravia moved to Vienna where they
were part of the intellectual bourgeoisie in the late 1800 and 1900s.

I have no idea if any Moravian REDLICH ever migrated to Switzerland or perhaps
a marriage was arranged between wealthy families across country borders in the
early 1800s. If the BLOCH family was in the textile business, this is a
possibility, as they would have known about each other.

I have found documentary evidence in a 1793 census of one early resident of
Bohemia moving to Switzerland and perhaps some nearby Moravians may also have
moved there. How easy was it for Jews >from other countries to settle in
Switzerland at that time?

There is little point expanding on the Moravian REDLICH, until we can establish
that this Swiss REDLICH branch were immigrants >from Moravia.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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