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Shuman, Carl H

This summer I will be traveling with my family to visit my daughter, who
will be studying in Prague. After a visit to Prague we will be flying to
Vilnius and staying there >from August 8 to August 13. My grandfather,
Abraham PAUL(PALL) was born in Anyksciai (Anixst), the son of Moshe Yom
Tov ben Shmuel PALL and Rachel BINDER. He was a rabbi. Thanks to
JewishGen I have been able to locate a number of records concerning my
greatgrandfather, my grandfather, and his siblings and I am hopeful that I
can do more research when I am in Vilnius. I have several questions for
the list serve.

1) I will be in need of someone who can act as a guide and who can drive
us >from Vilnius to Anyksciai and back. Are there reputable services or
individuals that list serve members have used when traveling to Lithuania
who they would be willing to recommend? We are a family of five.

2) When in Vilnius how do I go about doing original research in state
archives? Are there reliable services or individuals who can help me? I
am most interested in finding out more information about my
greatgrandmother, Rachel Binder, who was the first of my greatgrandmother's
three wives (he outlived them all and died in 1920). I am also interested
in finding out the names and any information available about his other two
wives, the second of whom was my beloved Great Aunt Sarah (nee Paul)
Gordon's mother. Aunt Sarah had a sister who apparently perished in the
Shoa and I have been trying in vain to find out more information about her
as well.

I am thinking of contacting the Vilnius Yiddish Institute as well to see if
they can help me. If anyone has other suggestions, they would be most
appreciated. Thank you.

Carl H. Shuman
Searching for: SZUMOVITZ/SHUMAN (Zembrov); RYBAK (Zembrov); PAUL/PALL

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