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Castle Garden closed in April of 1890 and ceased processing any immigrants. In
1896, the Castle at Castle Garden was transformed into the New York Aquarium.
It would be interesting to understand why your parents spoke of Castle Garden.
If they immigrated in 1923 the first stop would have been Ellis Island. It
might be that they saw the tower of Castle Garden, but it was not a processing
center for immigrants at that point in time.

For more dates and information regarding Castle Garden you might visit these web

Lower Manhatten Information:

The Battery

Ellis Island

Castle Garden, 1855-1890, by Ruby Coleman

Nancy Kendrick, Port Orange, FL

Quoting Ida & Joseph Schwarcz <>:

My parents came to the US in 1923 via Ellis Island. Yet, when they talked
about old times with their friends (in Yiddish, of course) the words Ellis
Island were never heard. Instead, I would hear them speak of "Kessel
Gurten." Obviously, for many Yiddish speaking immigrants, this was the
generic term for their first stop in the New World.
Ida Selavan Schwarcz
Arad, Israel

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