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I'm trying to find some information about my father's family,
I will appreciate it if you can assist me or let me know who else can.

My father was born in Budapest on11 September 1931 his
family name was SZOBODITS
his first name : Istwan.
his father name was Marcell @ his mother name was Iren
( her family name before marriage was :ZILLEG).
His father was a driver and he die before the war, his
mother died during the war.
He also had a brother named Leslo who lived in
Budapest after the war and die some years ago.
My father remember that they lived in novibazar 7 on
counter 14, but we couldn't find this place.

I had some photos of my father's family and a piece of
newspaper >from the day his parents were married,
I'm trying to search the family name on the web but i
wasn't lucky so far, I guess i spell the name correct
cause it's exactly like it is written on the newspaper

I would be happy to get any information that will help
us for our roots visit which we are planning for our
father 75 years birthday , especially how can i find
the correct address

Thank you very much
Uri Arnon

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