JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Finding velvl/wolf libowski, also known as luboff #general

Zev Griner <zgriner@...>

It is common for people with Zev, Velvel, or Wulf as their
Hebrew/Yiddish name to be given English names starting with W, like
William, Walter, Warren. William and Walter seem more common, perhaps
because of the W-L combination at the beginning.

Zev (William) Griner

Rochelle Kaplan wrote:

I have been told by my husband's now deceased relative that my husband's
grandfather, Harry Lubov, formerly known as Hirsch Libowski, had a
sibling named Velvl Luboff who lived in NYC and had 8 children, but the
family lost touch with Velvl. On Hirsch Libowski's 1904 ship manifest,
he writes that he was going to see his brother Wolf Libowski, at 271
Madison St. Hirsch/Harry moved to CT. Another sibling, Beryl or Barnett
also moved to CT.

I have been trying unsuccessfully to locate Velvl or Wolf
Libowski/Luboff. I have tried NY Genealogical and Biographical Soc.
Links, Ancestry, Heritage Quest, Proquest, Stephen Morse NYC sites, NYC
1905 directories. I recently tried other variants of Libowski and Lubov.

I wonder if anyone out there has other suggestions- possible name
variants. What other names might Velvl or Wolf have adopted other than

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