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I hadn't mentioned this when I posted the announcement yesterday about my
latest virtual (online) exhibition "Windows in Time," but the exhibition
could not have been created without the generosity and hard work of Merle
Kastner of Montreal, Canada. It was her grandfather Henry Nathanson who took
these some one-hundred and forty photographs during his travels of Europe
and the Middle East in 1913. It took a great deal of time to search for,
organize and scan these many photographs and I am grateful to Merle for her
I must say this to all of you who have so far contributed material to my
virtual museum. Without your desire to honor and perpetuate the memories of
your ancestors, it would not have been possible for me to create and develop
my website to the point where it is today. I am grateful to you all. Thank
you so much.

Best regards,
Steven Lasky

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