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Shuman, Carl H

In listening to a 1982 audiotape of my great Aunt Sarah (nee Pal) Gordon
and Great Uncle Jacob (Yonkel) Gordon I learned for the first time that my
great grandfather, Moshe Yom Tov Pal, was born and later buried in Vilkomir
(now, Ukmerge?), Lithuania with his parents. He was a rabbi and spent
almost all of his adult life in Anyksciai. According to my great Aunt, who
is now deceased, he chose to return to Vilkomir after Aunt Sarah and Uncle
Yonkel settled there after their marriage (around 1920). My family and I
will be visiting Vilnius in August. Does anyone know if the Jewish
cemetery that apparently existed in Vilkomir (now Ukmerge?) still exists
and if so, is it possible to visit it?

I also learned >from the tape that my great grandfather, Moshe Yom Tov, had
a younger brother Aaron, who emigrated to the United States. According to
the Ellis Island manifests, it appears that he arrived in New York in 1899.
I didn't even know he existed! My great aunt refers to the fact that he
had children and refers to the "Harrisons." I believe this is the same
family to whom my mother, Reba Paul Shuman, refers as favorite and generous
relatives in Ardmore who owned a pharmacy which she and my grandfather,
Label Paul, visited. If there are any Harrison descendents >from suburban
Philadelphia who may be Pals/Pauls, I would be very interested in hearing
from you.
Finally, my great grandfather, Moshe Yom Tov, had three wives. His first
wife, Rachel Binder, was my greatgrandmother. His second wife was Aunt
Sarah's mother. I do not know her first name. I learned >from the tape
that the second wife's maiden name was Barron/Baron and that her parents
were wealthy, in the lumber and fishery business, settled along the Latvian
border, and raised Aunt Sarah's sister who remained in Europe, became a
physician, and apparently perished in the Shoa. If anyone has any
Barron/Baron-Pal/Paul connections >from Lithuania and Latvia, I would be
interested in hearing >from you as well.

Thank you.

Carl H. Shuman
Searching for: SZUMOVITZ/SHUMAN (Zembrov); RYBAK (Zembrov); Paul/Pall
(Anyksciai and Vilkomir/Ukmerge); SMOOKLER/SCHMUKLER/SCHMUKLIARSKY (Brest

MODERATOR NOTE: The first place to check for cemetery information is the IAJGS
Jewish Cemetery Project, hosted by JewishGen. Checking under Eastern Europe-->
Lithuania-->U at <>,
you will find that the stones in the Ukmerge cemetery have been reported missing.

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