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Evelyn Filippi

I found an name in the jgft that belonged to a family member . So I
emailed the person who put the name in. I said this person belongs in my
family. He was married to my cousin he was in Aushwitz where he met my cousin
and married and he was a director. She wrote back sorry no I am wrong he
married her cousin was in tresensdadt and was a composer and played
piano. and belonged in her family and that there was 31 million hits in google
on that name etc. So I figured another dead end. But my brain wouldn't let
go. So I wrote her back a few times .Look if he was married once why not
twice......If he was in one concentration camp why not 2. If he could direct
why cant he compose or play a piano. It must be the same person. To make
a long story short she checked it out and emailed me back. It was the same
person. She sent me a picture of him and his second wife. and some other
info about him and the phone no for MAUSNER which was her family name in
PA. Unfortunately I left a few messages, they never relpied so it must be
the wrong person. If someone knows any MAUSNER it might be in my family
thanks to some extremly kind person in here I received a few newspaper
clippings in emails.
Evelyn FILIPPI Manhattan

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