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Alan Greenberg

There are no "immigration records" as such for Canada. There are
Canadian Naturalization records that may give a wealth of
information. If Golda did end up in Montreal, the JGS-Montreal has a
wealth of records, and some burial records are now online on JOWBR.
See for details on all of these.

And thanks to Hazel for this good bit of research.

Alan Greenberg
JGS-Montreal, Canada

At 19/05/2006 12:55 AM, HJB wrote:
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I have found the name of Golda Mendelovitsch >from Romania listed
on the "SS Canada" Manifest arriving at Portland Maine January of
1912. Her final destination is listed as
Toronto Canada. Assuming she travelled by train, (Grand Trunk
Railway perhaps) to the Canadian border, where do I look for her
immigration records?

Thanks for your feedback.
I didn't know anything about the Grand Trunk Railway so I googled
it. >from the information at it seems
that Montreal would have been the initial destination. At least
it's a good place to start looking. This site will
give you the film numbers which can likely be obtained through
inter-library loan. Once you have the film it's a matter of going
through them frame by frame.

You could also search the Grosse Ille database which
includes surviving records >from the Grosse Ille quarantine station
from 1832 - 1937
Good luck with your search.

Hazel Sandow Boon
Hamilton, ON, Canada

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