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Hi, Ginger,

I heaved a sigh when I read your message. The City Archives of Antwerp used
to be located on Venusstraat in the city. I consulted them in person in
November 2000, during a short visit to my native town. Of course, I am
fluent in French and Flemish because I was born there in 1923 and didn't
leave until May 1940, when the Germans invaded the country. The police
records are excellent sources of comings and goings of foreigners and were
readily available to visiting researchers. I have never been able to obtain
information via e-mail >from the Archives. Perhaps you'll have better luck.

The Flemings ruling the northern part of the country are mulish (my opinion)
about conversing in other languages. Perhaps they'll accommodate you now.
Anyway, the Archive building on Venusstraat (near the harbor in the old part
of town) closed as of 1 May 2006, because the archives are being moved to
another location, which won't be open until 1 October 2006.

Good luck.


Henriette Moed Roth
Los Angeles, California

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