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Barbara Freedman <bfree@...>

I am researching family >from Zhvaniets /Zhvanets, Ukraine as well as Lviv.
Zhvanets is six miles >from the city of Kaminits-Podolsk in the district
(Uyezd) of Kaminits-Podolsk in the province (Gibernia) of Podolia which I
visited in May of 2005. It is a shtetl of 1600 people and is not on most maps.

SHAPIRO Hanech (Henry in Canada) lived in Hamilton and Welland,Ontario.
Buried in Hamilton.

First wife Shana, 2nd Tova - Mother of all children: Shapsa, Charlie, Rifka,
Willie, Himie, Dave, Harry, Pearl, Rose and Fanny
The family arrived in Ontario between 1900 and 1909. Samuel settled in
Buffalo, New York. The majority probably entered at Halifax and perhaps
one or two at Ellis Island.

TAYLOR. Max -- name may have been TENSER, Mordechai >from Zhvanets area. Max
married Rifka Shapiro

MASTERS (MAESTERS,) Lillian, LVIV, Ukraine (formerly Lemberg, Lvov). Married
Samuel Axler ( Axelrod)


I would be thrilled if someone had information to add.
Thank you

Barbara Freedman
Vancouver, BC

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