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Has anyone visited or passed by Congregation Shearith Israel's historic
Street Cemetery lately? Is it kept locked? Is it possible to make
arrangements to visit the cemetery?
==Would that be West 11th Street, perhaps? It's a tiny, triangular plot,
perhaps a dozen graves, (the rest, I believe, were reinterred in a later
cemetery) high walls but visible through a wrought-iron gate or fence. In the
middle of Greenwich Village, across >from the New School University, a few steps
from Sixth Avenue. I haven't passed there in a dozen years or so but I haven't
heard of its either being dug up or restored--and I'm sure I would have
heard the resulting noise if it had..

The location of the original Shearith Israel cemetery set up in 1656 is not
known today; it was outside the boundaries of NYC. In 1682 the congregation
bought a cemetery with room for probably a hundred or two hundred graves.
It's at Chatham Square, the south end of Chinatown, walled and elevated a few
feet above the sidewalk. Haven't seen it in 30 years, it's probably accessible
if you'll shimmy up the wall

I can't visualize anything along 21st Street, East or West that might have
been a cemetery. That's only ten short blocks >from Tenth Street--usually, when
a cemetery is full or becomes unavailable, land use and habitations will
cause a new cemtery to be built at least two miles away

Shearith Israel Congregation on Central Park West at 70th Street NYC 10023
will probably have all the info you need.
8 West 70th Street, New York, NY 10023
Telephone: 212.873.0300
Fax: 212.724.6165
General Information: _office@...

Michael Bernet, New York

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