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Nigel Wilson <wilsonettes@...>

Dear Genners,

I do hope the moderators will approve this posting as a 'one off'.

Mrs. S. Cohen in the United States and I in Israel are working together in
assisting someone who is known as 'a missing child identiry' to find her

Mrs. Cohen has obtained a picture which she has placed on Viewmate, we hope
it will throw some light our way if anyone should recognise those in the
picture or the situation mentioned.

Therefore I ask you to view the picture on Viewmate - no 7863 -

Please respond to Mrs. Cohen directly if you have any information.

Thanking you most sincerely.

Patricia Wilson (Israel)

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Please also note that Mrs. Cohen's e-mail address was very properly
omitted >from this message (thank you) and may be found on her
ViewMate file.

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