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Howard Margol

2,091 additional records have been added to the JewishGen Lithuania
1919-1940 Internal Passport Database and are available on JewishGen.
Included are records >from the following towns - Vandziogala and
surrounding area - 1,602 records. Pumpenai - 245 records. City of
Panevezys - 244 records

To search the database, go to

The following records will be added to the database during the next
4 to 6 weeks. Rokiskis - 187 records (contains a lot of very important
information). City of Kaunas - 8,124 records. Troskunai - 312 records.
Vandziogala and surrounding area - 1,089 records.

Translation Work in Progress -

Siauliai District - These records are organized differently >from the other
files.They are in alphabetical order, which is pretty common. However, all
of the individual files for the city of Siauliai as well as the different
towns and villages in the Siauliai District are filed together. They are not
separated by town so it is impossible to determine in advance the number of
records for each town. It is estimated that the total internal passport
files for Siauliai and the Siauliai District could be as many as 20,000 to

City of Kaunas - As many as 8,000 additional records are being translated.

City of Panevezys - An estimated additional 6,000 records are in the process
of being translated.

Troskunai - the final group of records are in process.

Kaunas District - excluding the cities of Kaunas and Jonava - An estimated
additional 1,100 records are in process.

If you do not see your shtetl or town listed, do not despair. Do a town
search for your town and you may be surprised at the data that appears. Many
Jews applied for their internal passport in a different town >from where they
lived. Also, you may find your ancestor living in a different place >from what
you thought.

Howard Margol, Coordinator
JewishGen Lithuania Internal Passport Project
Atlanta, Georgia

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