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Leif Eriksson

Ralph (Jerachmieyl ben Yekutieyl) was born 1889 in
Suwalk Gub and left for UK around 1905. But I have not
been able to find out >from which town or shtetl did he
and his family come from.

I have checked the records available at various
on-line sources but not been able to identify him or
his relatives among the SHIMANSKY,SZYMANSKI,
SCZYMANCZYCZ, etc. in Suwalk Gub. or any of the nearby

Ralph married Sarah HYMAN in Manchester 1914. His
father in law, David Hyman was born 1865 and came from
Wolkowich. Which probabely was Vilkaviskis in

Ralphs father was called Jekutieyl/Yekusieyl born
about 1860. His mother was called Tsirele (Sura/Sara)?

Ralph had at least one brother by the name of Hanah
(Chane) Itsshke and a sister called (C)Haya (Khaye)
Peshke. Her children were Yishmael Mordekhai and
Yehudah Leybke.

Ralph and Sarah Simansky got two sons in UK, of which
we have information. They were William (Velvel/Volvol
Jitzchak ben Rachmiel), and Leslie (Elazier ben
Rachmael), my father in law.

My hope is that anyone of you may have come across the
records of Ralph or his relatives in Poland/Lithuania.

We are most grateful for any help and guidance enable
us to go further.

Leif & Sonya Eriksson (JGFF 149276)
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