JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Recording of Birth in Belzer Rebbe entourage during WWI #general

roe kard

My father's father was the Shochet to the Belzer Rebbe for some period
of time (as was his father before him, etc.) until he gave it up
supposedly in favor of his brother who was more comfortable
slaughtering animals. i do not know what year this was. I do know that
the Rebbe was in Hungary during WWI at the time of what was my father's
birth. Assuming the Rebbe's Shochet traveled with him, and assuming his
father was still the Shochet, this would mean that my father was born
in Hungary. Would births in this entourage have been recorded with
authorities in Hungary if they were recorded? Would they have waited
till they returned to Galicia? If Hungary, are 20th century Hungarian
records accessible? How?

Thank you.
B'shalom, Karen Rosenfeld Roekard
Berkeley, Ca.

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