GerSIGer Dennis Aaron and awardee Hans-Peter Klein in The Chicago Tribune #germany

JewishGen German Research Division Coordinator

A story on page one of the Chicago Tribune tells how Obermayer Awardee
Hans-Peter Klein helped GerSIG member Dennis Aaron recover his
family's genealogy and its Holocaust history.

"Together, through archives and tours of cemeteries and small towns in
Germany, the men mapped out Aron's family tree. In the process, Aron
discovered that more than 800 family members had perished during World
War II - many distant relatives but also his maternal grandparents and

"The journey was both devastating and gratifying because of the close
friendship that evolved between the men, as well as the realization
that a single person can serve as a powerful force in reconciliation."

"Quest salvages life >from death" on Page 1 of Saturday, January 25, 2014
issue of Chicago Tribune

Dennis Aaron joined GerSIG earlier this year. He has written about
his family's story in our Forum. The article includes several photos.
The Chicago Tribune is one of the major newspapers in the USA.

GerSIG Moderator with thanks to Karen Franklin

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