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I've been trying for years to trace my mother's older brother, Abraham FEINBERG,
who was estranged >from the family in the Bronx, NY between the time he
registered for the WWI draft in 1918 and the 1920 census. In his draft
registration, his occupation is listed as Driver, Seltzer Wagon.

Now I've come across a man by the same name (though about 10 years younger) in
the 1930 census, living in Warwasing, Ulster Co, NY with wife Rebecca and two
children, the older born in 1922. His occupation is owner of a trucking company.

It's a long-shot, but I thought that this could possibly be my missing uncle.
So... can anyone make any suggestion as to how to learn more about this man? I
haven't been able to find any Abe/Abram/Abraham FEINBERG/FINEBERG, etc. who
quite fits in the 1920 census.

Joy Weaver,
East Islip, NY USA

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