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Gloria Berkenstat Freund

A series of lectures of particular interest to Russian emigrant communities
will be given at the annual conference of the International Association of
Jewish Genealogical Societies, >from Sunday, August 13th to Friday, August
18th, 2006 at the New York Marriott Marquis. The lectures, organized by
Valery Bazarov, the director of the HIAS Location and Family History Service
and member of the JGS Executive Council, will also be of great interest to
other genealogists.

These lectures include:

* * * Records of Eastern European Jews in the Archives of Central Asia

Of particular interest to those with ancestry in Poland, this lecture given
by Saidjon and Nafisa Kurbanov, will discuss how to research the thousands
of Polish Jews who were deported or exiled to Central Asia, as well as the
thousands of Jews in Nazi occupied areas who fled to this region during the
Second World War.

* * * A Search of Jewish Roots in a Communist Country

Leonid Leites will discuss the difficulties he met and overcame in his
search for his ancestors under the Communist regime in the USSR.

* * * The Search for Roots of Ashkenazi Jews Outside the Pale

Aaron Khaskevitch researched the Jews who lived outside of the Pale of
Settlement in the Caucasus Area -- the craftsmen, tailors and
They were given the equivalent of "worker's visas" and were all registered
with the police.
When their visas and permits expired, the process of deportation began.
Lists were assembled of those to be deported. Research conducted in police
archives of Tbilisi, Georgia produced interesting data about the history of
Ashkenazi Jews of that region.

* * * Through Russia's Turbulent Times

Dmitriy Margulis will share his experience in creating the history of the
seven generations of one Jewish family that reflected the life of the
entire Russian Jewish community -- through the 20th Century. Mr. Margulis
will also discuss the little known genealogical sources hidden in well-known

To register for the Conference and to read more about these lectures and the
lecturers, visit the Conference website at

Gloria Berkenstat Freund
26th Annual IAJGS Conference Program Committee Chair

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