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Subject: Shimson Shmuel Frischman buried somewhere in NYC
the FRISCHMAN side. My Great grandfather was Shimshon
Schmuel Frischman. He came over to America and
settled in NYC in the Late 1870s. We have a strong
the Lower East side. I know that he was born in 1848
and his wife was the former Miriam Ackerman. I also
know that he is buried somewhere in NYC. But that's
about as far as I can get. Oh, one other curiosity:
we weren't able to connect the dots. I think the
first step is to find Shimson Shmuel's matzeva, to
determine his father's name. Can anyone help me?
Yehuda Frischman,
Los Angeles
I'm posting this response both directly to Yehuda and to the group as a
reminder of the resources available online for NYC research, how to obtain
NYC death records and how to find NYC burial locations.

The Italian Genealogical Group and Germany Genealogy Group websites have the
NYC death index for 1891-1948 (as well as marriages, naturalizations and
various other indexes for various years):

You can also access this NYC death index using advanced search features from
Steve Morse's website:

A quick search of the the NYC death index shows that Samuel Frischman died
on January 23, 1912 at age 64 in Manhattan and his death certificate number
is 2441.

Using the above information, Yehuda can order a copy of Samuel's death
certificate. There are at least five ways to obtain this certificate:

1) Visit the NYC Municipal Archives where you can locate the certificate
yourself on microfilm and have them print a copy for you.

2) Visit the Family History Library (FHL) in Salt Lake City, where you can
locate the certificate yourself on microfilm and print a copy yourself.

3) Order the certificate by mail >from the Municipal Archives. See their
website for details:

4) Visit your local Family History Center (I understand there's a large one
in LA), order a copy of the microfilm that has this certificate on it, then
when it arrives in a few weeks, you'll be able to print a copy of the
certificate yourself.

5) Order the certificate by mail >from the Family History Library. This is a
very quick and inexpensive service when you already have the certificate
number of a record that you need, though they do encourage using it only if
you can't get to your local Family History Center or don't have other means
to obtain the records. The order form is available here:

There are different costs associated with each option above. I've ordered
them essentially by most expensive to least expensive, assuming one first
has to fly or drive to NYC or SLC for options 1 and 2. However, for those
who can take the trip to NYC or SLC (or who already live there or nearby),
have a lot of records to obtain, and love cranking through microfilm,
options 1 and 2 are the most fun -- it's just like being a kid in a

So why get Samuel's death certificate? It will list the cemetery that
Samuel is buried in, as well as parents' names, address at time of death and
various other info. With the cemetery name, you'll be able to visit the
cemetery next time you're in NY or see if there is anyone local who would be
willing to take a photo of the stone for you. Some cemeteries will even
take a photo for you (most charge a small fee).

Comprehensive list of NYC cemeteries, locations and phone numbers:

Another directory of NYC cemeteries, with additional details such as which
will take photos and the price:

A similar process to the above can be used for NYC marriage records through
1937. Use the databases on the Italiangen/Germangen/ site to
search for a marriage record for your family, then obtain a copy using one
of the 5 options above.

Good luck to Yehuda and everyone else on their NYC research!

Elise Friedman
Baltimore, Maryland
... though originally >from NJ and 90% of my family research is in NY!

EISNER, TAUB, WAHRHAFTIG, TUNIS, SONNE (Myszkowice/Tarnopol, Ukraine);
MILLER/MEHLER, TAUB (Byblo/Staryy Sambor/Nizankowice/Dobromil, Ukraine);
LIFSHITZ, CHARLAS/KHARLAS/KALLISH (Brest-Litovsk/Antopol, Belarus);
CHESIN, EHUDIN (Mstislavl, Belarus); CHERNOCK, EPSTEIN (Novozybkov, Russia)

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