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Hello All

I have finally found my great-grandmother Anna(MENDELSON)RAKOFF on the
ships manifest coming to New York. At first I was only able to find one
of her brothers. Then I found another brother by connecting the address
listed on the manifest on the census records. Since I have this
beautiful warm day to do nothing at all I started my search again for
my great-grandmother. First I looked at her naturalization and petition
papers just to be sure of the date she came over and what name she went
by at the time.

So I started with looking for the ship she came off of which was the SS
Lapland. Once I found it i started to go >from page to page until I
finally struck gold and found her. She left the Port Of Antwerp on
3-11-1911 under the name of Elke Mendelson and arrived on 3-19-1911.
According to the information she was going to her brother Leibe/Louis
Mendelson who I already knew >from already having found him that he was
living at 914-916 Myrtle Avenue. He came over in 1907.

I also came across a detention page with her name listed on it.
Apparently they held her for at least two days, because apparently her
brother louis did not show up to vouch for her when she arrived at
port. I was so excited to have finally found her and know I have the
right person. Now I have another mystery to solve. I have another name
that I have found on the ships list that is also a Mendelson(female)
that came over 6-3-1907. >from what I can make out on the manifest it
says that this person was going to join a brother Initial L or S
Mendelson at 862 Myrtle Avenue.

The female was name Duka Mendelson and 18 years of age. Can someone
tell me what Duka would translate to in English. I also found her name
on a detention page. She was held for a day because her brother Sam did
not show up I guess. Now here is where I am confused. The first brother
to come over was Louis/Leibe in 6-16-1907, then my great-grandmother
Anna in 3-19-1911, followed by Samuel in December of 1912. What also
makes it more a mystery is that my great-great-uncle Samuel Mendelson
on the 1920 census was listed at 860-862 Myrtle Avenue.

So I am assuming that I may have found another sibling. So, if someone
can help me with translating the name Duka into English that would
greatly help me in trying to trace her.

Sarah Greenberg (USA-CT)

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