JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Viewmate- Russian + Hebrew to English Translations needed #general

Eva Blanket

Hi all,

I'm requesting help with Russian translation to English of a Yad Vashem PoT
testimonial and the Hebrew to English translation of 2 other PoT's. I would
like to double check details but more importantly I need the address and
telephone number of the original submitters so that I could try and contact
them as I think we may have a common ancestor.

Thanks in advance. Could you reply privately.

Eva Blanket
Sydney, Australia

Searching:HERMAN (Turka/Tuchol'ka(Poland)/ Nizni Vorota(Verecky)/Israel/Australia
DAVIDOVITS (Szinever/Chust/USA/Australia)
WEISS (Talamas/Hukliva/Kosice/USA/Israel)
all originally Austro-Hungary then Czech. and today the Ukraine.

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