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MIKA <h9750477@...>

I have a problem: I'm searching my sources . The surname is ELIESCU or ILIESCU.
I found nothing, except of Elias. An answer >from Bet Hatfuthot to my
question if maybe the "cu" is a local (Romanian) suffix was correct! I was
told to research the surname Eliyahu and Elias- the Greek name of Eliyahu,
at the Sefaradic names. I can do it but I don't know if I can be sure about
this information because suddenlly I'v got a new surname and I have to
research at the Sefaradic genealogy when all my life I know that I am at
the "Ashcenajim" side.

Can somebody give me a strength about it so I can be sure that I'm
searching the right sources?


Mika Hovav

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