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yehuda frischman

.Dear Friends,

Thanks for all the helpful leads. I have now
ascertained the following with some degree of

On the Frischman side:

1. My Frischman GGGF and my grandfather were both my
Yehuda Frischman, and that makes me the third.

2. Shimshon Shmuel's wife and mother were each named
Mary Ackerman, implying that they were cousins, named
after the same person.

On the Shmulowitz side:

1. There appears to have been at least five siblings
that lived in Scranton:

1. Josef Schmulowitz Schwartz who though born
Schmulowitz, chose to change his name to his wife
Resi's maiden name, Schwartz.

2. It appears that the five siblings were: Josef,
Toni, Resi, Harry, and possibly Morris Schmulowitz.

3. Josef's father was Baruch Shmulowitz.

4. Coincidentally, Josef's wife's mother's maiden
name was Toba SCHMULOWITZ.

Were Toba and Baruch siblings and yet another case of
cousins marrying each other?

I will keep you informed about any news on the
Frischman, Shmulowitz and Schwartz research front.

Thanks again.

Yehuda Frishcman, L.Ac.
Los Angeles

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