JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: WINNICKI of Przerosl (Suwalki gubernia, Poland) became WEINSTEIN in Paris #general

Gerry Swetsky <gswetsky@...>

Most of the WINNICKI's that I have found in Landsman are traceable to a
family which moved to the USA and changed their name to WINITZKY. They
ended up in Titusville, PA in the 1860's.

There was a person who was tracing that family (Winitzky) here on JewishGen
some time ago. Perhaps they'll see your post.

Gerry Swetsky
Searching PHILLIPS, GRODZINSKI/MARKS and others >from Kalvarija, Lithuania
who settled in Titusville, PA

"Micheline GUTMANN" <> wrote

On the list of marriages I found in Paris, of people coming >from the Suwalki
and Lomza gubernias (list published by Landsmen), there was a WEINSTEIN
family >from Przerosl, connected with my family. But I could not find this
name in the other lists published for Przerosl by Landsmen.

So, I have compared the list of people with parents'names when I got them,
and could conclude that the name WINNICKI became WEINSTEIN
for the families arriving in Paris.
I tried to build the more complete tree as possible thanks
to the data published in Landsmen and the data found in Paris.
If somebody is interested, tell me, please.

Important: this modification of names concerns only Przerosl and some from
Augustowa but not other places. I only studied the family of Przerosl.

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