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Can someone who is going to the main NY Public Library in Manhattan do a
lookup for me in the New York Index to Death? Just found out they have the
Index to Death >from 1888-1982.

Have been trying to find my husband grandmother's place of burial for some
time now. Relatives tell him she died and was buried in Long Island somewhere
and don't have the approximate date or location. Have contacted Nassau
County's Town Clerk, no listing. Checked the obituaries >from where she's >from in
Iowa (she was visiting her daughter in Baldwin, NY when the death occured),
no mention of her death.

This morning learned about the availability of a Death Index. Maybe >from
the info I get here, I can go forward and request a death certificate and get
the right cemetery.

The information is as follows:

died around Halloween time - 1964-69
Baldwin, NY ???????

So, if anyone has access to the NY Index of Death (1888-1982) or is going to
the NY Public Library, I would greatly appreciate it if you could help do a
lookup and I will reciprocate in any way if you need me to check something
out for you here in the Los Angeles area.

Thank you very much and you can respond to me privately.

Marie Lubman

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