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< Someone in the last week was posting a request for information about the
SHMARYAHU family >

==Shmaryahu Levin (1867-1935) was an early Zionist leader, and Hebrew and
Yiddish author. The Russians appointed him a Rav Mita`am (Official Rabbi who
represented the community in negotiations with the authority, served as BMD
registrar, and was expected to exhort his coreligionists in devotion to the Czar
and nation. He served in the Russian Duma as representative for Vilna

==Shmaryahu Zuckerman was a wealthy businessman and bibliophile from
Moghilev (19th century)

==Kfar Shmaryahu is an expensive garden suburb north of Tel Aviv, founded in
1937 by middle-class immigrants >from Germany as a farming moshav; it was
named after Shmaryahu Levin.

==I was unable to find Shmaryahu as a surname in Lars Menk's Dictionary of
German Jewish Surnames; I checked variations Sch. . . . and Shemar . . . etc,
but found none.

Michael Bernet, New York

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