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Stewart Bernstein <skbernst123@...>

I would appreciate translation help with two View-Mate

The files may be viewd at:

# VM 7930-Tombstone inscription, probably in Yiddish
or Hebrew. Inscription may have the name Niestempower
as part of the text.

# VM 7929-Back of post card >from Poland. I believe the
handwriting may be in Polish. It does not look like
Yiddish. The text may include the names Berl & Golda

Please contact me directly at Skbernst123@....

I thank you in advance for your assistance.

Stewart Bernstein
Thousand Oaks, CA

Reseaching >from Pultusk & Przasnysk/Pruznitz, Poland:
Niestempower, Karsch, Kierszenbaum, Domb, Dronzek,
Zelkowitz, Zylberberg, Blinkitny, Eichler, Bernstein
(some Berns in the U.S./Chicago), Najman/Neuman

Researching >from Warka/Vurka, Poland:
Karczewa/Karchova, Goldstein(Stein in the U.S.)

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