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Solna K. (Kandi) Wasser <skwasser@...>

Just became aware that one of my paternal grandmother's brothers Leon
BURSTEEN, born about 1889 in Peroslov, settled in Buenos Aires. Any tips
on where to start researching? His parents were Israel and Henny Edith
PASCHEN. I have no further information on whom he married or children's
names. One brother of this family (6 known siblings) settled in Philadelphia
where they came into this country.....the rest moved on to Chicago
Thank You for your time now and so much helpfulness in the past.
Kandi Wasser
New York, USA

Piser/Pizer, Posisky, Pausisky, >from Virbaln
Corush and Getz >from Bialystok
Cohen/Kane, Elkin, Bursteen/Burstein/Burnstein and Paschen >from Charkov
near Kiev to
Philadelphia then Chicago

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