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yehuda frischman

Dear Friends,

Having now found the death certificates and cemetery
where my GG Grandparents Shimshon Shmuel FRISCHMAN,
and Mariam Ackerman Frischman are buried, I would like
to try and connect with cousins descended >from them.
Having spoken at length with my 82 year old father(may
he be of healthy mind and body until 120!), I have
been able to determine the following:

1. Leo (Yehuda, who I was named for and the father of
my father) , married the former Rose Schwartz,
daughter of Josef Shmulowitz Schwartz of Scranton, Pa.

2. Dr. Louis (Eluzer, my middle name)Frischman,a
pediatrician, married the former Winnie Thompson.
3. Harry Frischman (no information concerning spouce
of children).
4. Hannah married Sam Klein, had children and
grandchildren, but unfortunately, the last contact we
had with them was nearly 40 years ago.
5. Ella married Joe Molnar of East New Brunswick, NJ.
No information concerning children.
6. Matilda (Tillie) married Herbert Wilkes. He had a
pharmacy in Chinatown, NYC. I have fond memories of
meeting them as an 8 year old in 1960. To the best of
my knowledge they had no children.
7. May married a Dr. Alexander. My father remembers
that they had a daughter, Gloria.
8. Morris(Moshe). I have a marriage certificate for
him showing his place of birth as BEREGSZASZ, Hungary.
He had two children, Seymour (Shimshon Shmuel) and
Arnold. Arnie, A"H, has a son, Mark, who lives in San
9. Celia. My father tells me that she is a family
mystery. Though a foggy memory, he recalls growing
up hearing that she was unwell, and was sent to live
in a sanitarium in Switzerland.

Any cousins out there?

Yehuda Frischman
Los Angeles

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