JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: NYC marriage certificates #general

Todd Brody

The marriage records for NY City are kept at two
separate agencies. Post-1950 records are kept at the
City Clerk's office. Pre-1950 records are kept at the
Municipal Archives. The records kept at the Municipal
Archives are generally searchable on-line through the
IGG and GGG websites. More recent records do not have
a searchable on-line index.

If you can't find a record in the on-line indexes, I
would suggest that you try alternative spellings of

Todd Brody

--- Denise Azbill <> wrote:

I have been looking for about two years for a marriage record for my
great-uncle and his wife, who I know were married in NYC, probably the
Bronx. Their first son was born in 1908 in the Bronx. I know my
great-uncle came to the US as a single man, >from the EIDB (I can't find his
wife in the EIDB). I've looked in the ItalianGen and GermanGen databases to
no avail, and sent for a record >from the Municipal Archives of NYC. They
told me there wasn't one. I also looked through the marriage records for
all five boroughs >from about 1904-1908 through the LDS FHC. I'm a bit
confused about the records >from the City Clerk's office, as they say any
marriage record before 1950 would be at the Municipal Archives. Any ideas
are greatly appreciated.

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