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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Christopher Moncrieff writes:
"Is anyone able to help
me trace the Central European origins of the
DARTER family? My paternal grandmother was a Darter.
The family lived in Hertfordshire, England (UK), and
in North London. They were assimilated, secular Jews,
although >from their appearance and habits they were
clearly originally Central Europeans .........

"The name Darter appears to be fairly rare. It is not
English, and there are few if any Darters now in
Britain. The family most likely came to the UK during
the 19th century, in one of the immigrations.

"Initial research on Avotaynu and JewishGen confirms my
belief that they were probably Polish. There also seem
to be links to Galicia."

I was suprised to read Christopher's comments that
DARTER was a fairly rare name and *not English*. There
are certainly DARTER in the England and Wales censuses
every year >from 1841-1901 and in total there are well
over 1,000.

I have rapidly checked through the censuses and some
DARTER are mistranscriptions for PORTER and CARTER.
I can categorically say, however, that nearly 99.9
percent of the entries are of English, Irish and
Welsh ancestry. Had there been many DARTER immigrants
from Central Europe we might have seen them in the
1871 censuses onwards.

In fact, the only sign of foreign-born DARTER I found
was Maria born on the Ionian Island of Lante in 1901;
one or two >from the Cape and significantly this family
in the 1841 census who may well be Jewish - but the
fact the son has the same name as the father makes me
wonder. The first names suggest to me that the may be
of French origin.

Louis DARTER appears to be in the glass business, but
it is hard to decipher. All lived in Prescot,

Louis Darter abt 1799 Foreign Parts
Josephine Darter abt 1802 Foreign Parts

Mane Darter abt 1827 Foreign Parts
Polina Darter abt 1829 Foreign Parts
Louis Darter abt 1833 - born in UK
Honorine Darter abt 1836 - born in UK
Augusta Darter abt 1839 - born in UK

So this DARTER family came to England between 1830 and
1833 and then mysteriously disappears >from all further

I also checked the huge Yad vashem database and there
is ony one DARTER victim, we remember here today:

Source: Yad Vashem Archive Documentation on Romania
(Various archival sources).

Last Name: DARTER
First Name: Herman
Name of Camp: Radauti, Detention Site
Name of Camp: Transnistria, Camp
Material type: list of ghetto/camp inmates from
Language: Romanian
Source Page number: JM-11.296 # 2

If DARTER is/was a Jewish family name >from Galicia
they certainly were rare - I can find none in the
Jri-pl database nor in Vienna which had many Galician

Celia Male [U.K.]

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