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Joel Weintraub <jweintraub@...>

On digest yesterday an inquiry was made about an "Attebury" street in
Trenton NJ found on the US Census for 1910. The person was trying to locate
the street.

One way of checking streets is to use our geographical search aids at the
Morse One Step site at Using the website,
going to the 1910-1940 Census utility, choosing 1910, then New Jersey, and
then choosing Trenton, an alphabetical list of all streets that we compiled
from either the census, NARA descriptions of census districts, or other
sources are shown. We quickly see that there is an Atterbury Avenue in
Trenton. A modern map shows the street still exists. If a modern map did
not show the street, then our utility on Street Name Changes on the One Step
site might help in finding the current name of the street.

At the NY conference this August I'm giving a computer workshop on how these
geographical databases were arrived at. I'm interested in showing people
who have used the geographical utilities the assumptions that they are
working with when they use the databases, and the search assumptions of the
One Step search engine in terms of how that influences results.

Joel Weintraub
Dana Point, CA

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