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David Priever

Dear Fellow Jewishgenners,

We are all very cognizant of the border changes that have occured for many
of us in our ancestral countries. But I finally confirmed a border change
that *may* effect those who have been unable to locate the cemetery an
ancestor is interred in when the death certificate says "Cypress Hills
Cemetery (CHC)".

from previous postings to Jewishgen by myself and various other
Jewishgenners, it is known that Cypress Hills Cemetery is in the Brooklyn
neighborhood known as Cypress Hills. Cypress Hills (Brooklyn) and the
Woodhaven neighborhood of Queens are next to each other.

Many early death certificates say Cypress Hills and a researcher has often
been told by Cypress Hills Cemetery that their ancestor is *not* there.

Cypress Hills Cemetery is surrounded by the following Jewish Cemeteries: to
the east, Maimonides and east of Maimonides, Mt. Hope. North of Cypress
Hills is Mt. Carmel, Mt. Neboh and New Mt. Carmel. New Mt. Carmel extends
to Myrtle Ave. and is just north of Mt. Carmel Cemetery. These two
cemeteries have their entrances on Cypress Hills St (1). Also north and to
the east of CHC, with its entrance along Myrtle Ave. (and located in
Glendale (Queens County), NY is Mt. Lebanon Cemetery.

I was told that the fence that separates Maimonides and Cypress Hills
Cemeteries was moved. A matter of fact, one of the 12 CHC Jewish sections
that border the Maimonides Cemetery fence is called.....Maimonides*.
Further to this point, Mt. Carmel and Mt. Lebanon Cemeteries fences were
also moved many, many years ago which means burials not located in CHC may
be in either Maimonides, Mt. Carmel or Mt. Lebanon Cemeteries.

All this information was given to me by a CHC employee who was very helpful
to me as I tried to help someone who was searching for an 1890-93 burial.

*I have visually confirmed that family names across the fence in Maimonides
Cemetery are the same as those in the adjacent section in CDC. The names
noted were not common names but were names that *could not* have been
coincidental to be on separate sides of the fence.

I truly hope this information helps those who still may have missing burials
when an old death certificate says "Cypress Hills Cemetery". *And* I hope I
have not totally confused the Jewish genealogical community!


David J. Priever

footnote (1): For informational purposes only, across Cypress Hills St. and
not effected by the Cypress Hills Cemetery border changes are the following
cemeteries: Salem Fields, Beth Olam, Hungarian Union Fields and Machpelah.
West of Hungarian Union Fields is Union Fields and the northern entrance to
Mt. Judah Cemetery.

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