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Dear Friends,

Having now tracked down the death certificates and
cemetery locations of my GG Grandparents Shimshon
Shmuel FRISCHMAN, and Mariam Ackerman FRISCHMAN ,
buried in Washington Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY, I would
like to try and connect with cousins descended from
them. After speaking at length with my 82 year old
father(may he be of healthy mind and body until 120!),
I have been able to determine the following:

1. Hannah FRISCHMAN (1875-1947) married Sam (Shaya)
KLEIN, had children and grandchildren, but
unfortunately, the last contact we had with them was
nearly 40 years ago.
2. Harry FRISCHMAN(1876-1939) married but no
3. Leo (Yehuda)FRISCHMAN (1878-1945) whom I was named
for my father Robert FRISCHMAN's father, married the
former Rose SCHWARTZ, daughter of Josef SCHMULOWITZ
SCHWARTZ (he actually changed his last name, see a
previous post for explanation) of Scranton, Pa.
4. Mildred FRISCHMAN (1880-?) no additional
information available.
5. Morris/Maurice(Moshe)FRISCHMAN (1887-1945). I have
a marriage certificate for him showing his place of
birth as BEREGSZASZ, Hungary.
He had two children, Seymour (Shimshon
Shmuel)FRISCHMAN and Arnold FRISCHMAN. Arnie, A"H,
has a son, Mark FRISCHMAN, who lives in San Francisco.
6. Ella FRISCHMAN (1889-1943) married Joe MOLNAR of
EAST NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ. They had no children.
7. Dr. Louis (Eluzer, my middle name)FRISCHMAN
(1892-?) ,a pediatrician, married the former Winnie
Thompson. They had no children.
8. Matilde Celia FRISCHMAN (Tillie)(1896-1943) married
Herbert Wilkes. He had a pharmacy in Chinatown, NYC.
I have fond memories of meeting them as an 8 year old
in 1960. They had no children.
Any cousins out there?

Yehuda Frischman
Los Angeles

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