Interesting document on ViewMate - Schiffskarte - concerns payment for ocean passage #germany

JewishGen German Research Division Coordinator

Someone has posted a document (in German) on ViewMate that may be
of interest.
It is a "Schiffskarte" dated 1900 or 1910 issued by "Oliner Brothers,
Bankers" in NYC.

The document relates to a passenger on a vessel sailing >from Hamburg.
No money amount is specified but the text is about terms of passage
and conversion of money.

Translations are visible at the ViewMate site. I've never come
accross this kind of document. It will be interesting for me to see
the translation.

If someone can explain the purpose of this - probably an
immigration-related, document in the GerSIG Forum I think it will be
educational for me and, I think, others.

GerSIG Moderator

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