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"My" St. Albans record, >from January, 1905, does look almost exactly like
a record >from a ship's manifest, but is >from the Hudson River RR,
Montreal to NYC. The only thing "different" is that only the first seven
lines of a 30 line form are filled in with names and info.; the rest are
actually stamped "not used". The title on the top is "List or Manifest
of Alien Passengers Applying for Admission to the United States from
Foreign Contiguous Territory". When my grandfather came to the United
States, he first entered through New York, and there is an Ellis Island
record for him. But, according to the family lore, he did not have
enough money to be admitted. HIAS saw to it that he was sent to
Montreal. When he was there, he "blackmailed" his wife's brother, an
earlier immigrant to New York, by threatening to leave the wife without
divorcing her if the brother would not vouch for him (put up enough
money?) so he could re-enter the U.S. It worked; a few weeks later, he
was on a train headed for NYC, and the St. Albans records back up this
story. The relative he was going to join was indeed that brother-in-law.
(He sent for his wife late that same year.)

I obtained this record >from NARA in Pittsfield Ma.

Lynne Shapiro
Western Mass.

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