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I was curious to see if anyone has had success in matching up distant
cousins with different surnames, but the same direct paternal ancestor
(i.e., same father's father's father, etc.).

Usually, someone such as this would have the same surname (or at least be
born with it) but I am speaking of the time period just when surnames were
only in rare use, but records were already being registered (such as in
Kingdom of Poland in early 19th century).

I will illustrate by example:

My 4th great grandfather is Jankel BLUMENZON, son of Aryeh and Blima, born
in late 18th century, and died in 1885. Through patronymic records (early
19th century records that usually refer to people just by name of father
and not a surname) I was able to find Jankel's marriage record, and that he
was originally >from a completely different town. Jankel was the first to
have the BLUMENZON surname (probably in honor of his mother or something
like that). So, what I am looking for is perhaps another sibling of Jankel
that obviously has the same patronymic information. Then through some hard
work and patience, eventually find this siblings family with the new
adopted surname.

I admit this is probably only doable with a database this is searchable by
many parameters, not just first or last name.
Just wondering if someone has had success. It could have some implications
for DNA genealogy in particular.

Steve Bloom
Farmville, VA

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