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<< . . . . Her name became Anna. On the Philadelphia manifest it looks
kind of like "Neima" or "Neinna".

==Beider lists neither of those names but has various versions of Nenne,
Nenna, Nendel, that he attributes to an old German name Ginendl >from which
Beider jumps immediately to Gnane as a source. To me, the spelling of the name
and its derivatives seem extremely flexible.

==Given the Russian use of G to represent the H in other European alphabets
and the Heh or Chet in Hebrew, I would assume the jump >from the G initial to
an H was easy. Neima may have been a version of the Hebrew Nechama which
permits a Chana/Hanna abbreviation, as does Gnane, of course. >from Chana/Hanna,
the English Anna seems logical

<< The other two names are Artzik which became Arthur and Wulf which became
William, my grandfather. Up until I started doing this research, I had
no idea my grandfather had ever been anything but William.

==According to Beider, Artzik is derived >from Orn. "Orn?" you ask. Well, if
you look it up further, Orn is a Beider's idiosyncrtic way to spell the
Hebrew name Aharon/Aaron, presumably based on YIVO's transliteration system. In
America he didn't want to be Artzik, Orn, or Aaron, so Arthur, which retained
at least two letters of his name, was not a bad choice.

==Wulf is an alternate spelling for Yiddish and German Wolf[f] meaning Wolf.
Wolf in Hebrew is Ze'ev. Wolf and Ze'ev are both kinnuyim for Binyamin
(Benjamin). Your Wulf's Hebrew name may have been any part or combination of the
triplet Wolf, Ze'ev, and Binyamin. In Germanic parts of Europe, Wolf was often
given the "less Jewish" name of William, Wilhelm etc.[same initial], so his
choice would have been almost reflexive.

==A W as initial for a Hebrew or Yiddish male first name is rare, and when
presented with any Jew's name starting with a W, assuming that it was
originally Wolf (and possibly Ze'ev or Binyamin is a good investment of effort.
Walter, Wolfgang, Werner, Warren are all likely to be Wolfs in chipper clothing

Michael Bernet, New York

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