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I'm having trouble reading a name in a ship manifest. Any help would be
deeply appreciated.

These four names represent my great-grandmother and three of her
children. My great-grandmother's name is Shaina (spelled various ways)
Dumes who became Sadie in America.

The second name is the one in question. Her name became Anna. On the
Philadelphia manifest it looks kind of like "Neima" or "Neinna".

The other two names are Artzik which became Arthur and Wulf which became
William, my grandfather. Up until I started doing this research, I had
no idea my grandfather had ever been anything but William.

Here are the names >from the Philadelphia manifest:

I also have the manifest >from their departure in Hamburg:

Thanks, as they always say, in advance.
I read it as Naime. I think you can assume that this is what Yiddish did to
the Hebrew name "Naomi".

A possible additional surprise about your grandfather is that, when (and
assuming he was) called to the Torah, your "Wolf" was called "Ze'ev".

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