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I began doing some research on the Yad Vashem site and have found relatives
that perished during WWII. Some were known to me and some were not. What is
amazing is that the submitters were >from Russia. That means I have cousins
still there that I do not know about. I know that they lived in Rostov. The
submitters names were Milya MALKIN who was the sister in law of Simon RABINOVICH
(my great uncle) and then Berko KHELEMER. Does anybody know how I could
find these people who might still be living (or at least might have family
still living) in Rostov? I know that the Rabinovich family members were math
professor in the University of Rostov.

Rishy Savin
Miami, FL
Researching RABINOVITZ,RABINOVICH in Shedrin and Rostov, Belarus

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