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I am inquiring for a friend without a computer, whose great-grandfather was
Isaac BERDICHEVSKY, a cantor in Kirovograd or Odessa, who died in the early

Isaac had a son, Morris Berdichevsky, who was a musician who studied at and
may have taught at the Odessa Conservatory of Music.

In addition, Isaac had two unmarried daughters, both doctors, who served in
the Russian army during World War I and then ran a clinic in Znamenka/
Znamyanka or Kiev, where they also hid Jews during the civil war of 1918-1920s.
The first names of these women are not known.The family was last heard >from in
the mid-1920s.

Note that no connection to the writer, Berdichevsky, has been found, and I
am not interested in information on him.

Any information on Isaac, Morris, and the two daughters or ways of learning
about them will be appreciated.

Wendy Almeleh
Great Neck, NY
(Walmeleh@... )

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