STERN From Bindsachsen and Nidda #germany

Linda Shefler

I am trying to straighten out a seriously confused STERN family! I
recently got information >from a book written by Prof. Wolfgang Stingl
called "Fragments of Jewish Life in Nidda". The book was incredibly
helpful in clarifying a lot of information for me, and helping me locate
several people who had been "lost'! But as is usually the case, with
answers comes more questions!
Juda STERN (born about 1813 in Zuntersbach) died in Bindsachsen about
1888. He was married to Johanna KAHN who also died about 1888. They had
a son Meir STERN (1851-1923) who also supposedly died in Bindsachsen.
Meir STERN was married to Jettchen STRAUSS (who died in 1883 in Nidda) and
then Sara EDELSTEIN (who died in 1934).
My questions: Is anyone familiar with this STERN family? I would love to
connect with anyone who is related to them. Where can I find BMD records
for Bindsachsen? Meir had a brother Jakob STERN, I don=B9t know if he also
lived in Bindsachsen and I don't know if there were other siblings.

Any connections or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Linda Silverman Shefler San Francisco East Bay linda.shefler@...

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