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It is Orhei, both a city and the name of a county-type region in Moldova
Bessarabia). Do a web search using Orhei spelling and you'll find lot's
including Jewishgen Shetl-links. Here's some info below this note, and see
next-to-last paragraph for Jewish info. FYI, there is also a nearby town Orhei
Vechi ("Old Orhei") which has an ancient monastery built into a mountain and is
the source of many legends and history of ancient Moldova back to the
Daco-Roman era.

County Orhei County
Status County capital
Population (2004) 45 000
Geographical coordinates 47N 28E

Orhei (population 45,000) is a town and an administrative region of Moldova. It
is located at 47N 28E, in the centre of the country. Prior to 2003 Orhei was a
Jude, a large administrative region, but the country was divided further in
Raion, or districts.

Most people speak Romanian and Russian. There is one school that is taught in

The "St. Dumitru" Church build by Vasile Lupu is located in this town.
Orhei is approximately 50 kilometers north of the capital, Orhei gets its name
from Orhei Vechi, an active monastery near the village of Ivancea.
Its name is derived >from Old Hungarian Varhely (pronounced /wor.hey/), meaning
"fortress", dating >from the 9th century, when the Hungarians lived in Etelk
before settling in the Pannonian Plain, in today's Hungary.

Orhei was home to many Jews prior to WWII, and has a large Jewish cemetery.
There is only one active synagogue left in the community. The main churches
are Russian Orthodox. Also in the area are Baptist, a Seventh-day Adventist
Church, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and Jehovah Witnesses.

The community has a sport school by the lake, and 9 other secondary schools in
the town. There are four restaurants in the town, including a pizzeria.

Deborah Schafer
Greenfield, Massachusetts USA

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