German legal documents on Viewmate #austria-czech

Robert Fraser

Dear Friends -

I have posted four legal documents to ViewMate. They are a
small portion of a large file of documents obtained >from the
Vienna State Archives.

There are actually two separate documents, each comprising
two pages.

They refer to a property in Poysdorf (a small town north of
Vienna and near Mistlebach) after WW2. It was officially
'stolen' >from Regine Eisinger, who was deported to Terezin
in July 1942, and either sold or rented out by the local
authorities (Gestapo etc). I think the documents refer to
the post-war reclaiming of the property by her three nearest
surviving relatives; her daughter-in-law and her two
nephews, including my father. The daughter-in-law continued
to live there. I don't know where she lived during the war.

I don't seek a detailed translation of these documents (but
feel free!). Just a general sense of what the documents
refer to.

They may be found on ViewMate at:

Many thanks for any assistance. Please respond via the
ViewMate website or privately.

Robert Fraser
Perth, Western Australia
NOWAK; Moravia, Austria, USA and the world: EISINGER;
Moravia, Vienna, USA and the world
NAGEL; Moravia, Vienna, New York: FINKELSTEIN; Galicia,

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