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A. E. Jordan

I posted an inquiry a few days ago asking for help with the death of
Joseph COHN in California. An interesting lesson for all about the
California Death Index, but first let me say thank you to everyone who
replied -- and there were a lot of you. If I did not send you a
personal reply I did not get your email. Blame it on my service, sorry.

Now an interesting lesson worth sharing with all. Several people wrote
back saying they could not find Joseph COHN in the California Death
Index on a well known commercial site.

That outcome seemed odd because one person found the record which I had in my
files in a well-known pay service. So I went to another site for free
called Rootsweb and sure enough they also have the California Death
Index and sure enough my man is there. Try a search on last name of
COHN and mother's maiden name of NATHAN and see the results between the
two sites. Not sure why but clearly the paid site does have the same
information as the free site -- the free site has more!

Various other people tried to fill in the gaps for me. Thanks again.
One very kind person is doing some additional research looking at the
certificate for me. Hopefully that will get me to the end result to
figure out if there was a wife or children.

Thanks to all for taking the time to try and help.

Allan Jordan

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