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Martha LEV-ZION <martha@...>

Ducccio Leoni wrote:

<...> I am surprised that you have no databases for the Italian Jews who
also perished in the Holocaust. If I am correct there have been over 4000
who have been transported or killed in Italy.
All those databases available are done by volunteers who were
interested in helping themselves and others. If no one of Italian
heritage takes the bull by the horns, no Italian databases will be
created. People spend a lot of time and money in searching for,
purchasing, and databasing the original sources. They don't happen by
magic, alas! I know there are a lot of people out there who utilize
the Jewishgen resources, but don't understand how they got there.
Usually, a very small group of people get together and pool their
resources and their time to find and create what you see on
Jewishgen. Jewishgen is a sort of repository. They do not go out and
do the work of obtaining and databasing the resources. That is due
uniquely to interest groups, some quite small, and some gigantic, who
are dedicated to hunting down and databasing the material.

There is no Italian SIG. Perhaps you would like to form one and get
the ball rolling?

Martha Lev-Zion, Israel

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